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Lotta Rome. The Merchants

Welcome the merchants with lucrative contacts that are able to open up new opportunities for you.

Fit the Fishes

Place fishes and other objects in your aquariums in the most proFITable way!

Message in a Bottle

Challenge yourselves to decrypt mysterious message from the bottle!


Construct an appartment complex by choosing blocks' sides one by one and create combos to get points...


Create a colorful tree by hanging leaf cards on it.

FateFlip: Washed Ashore

Make the right decisions to survive on a desert island and to leave it safe and sound.

Detecteam Kids: Tales of the Plush Forest

Help Christopher Robin and his toy plush friends to unravel 3 mysterious cases!

Mind Match 1 & 2

Test your communicative skills and test how well your mind matches with the minds of your friends.


Uncover vocabulary you forgot you knew! A word crossing brain-teaser for the flexy minds.

Gem Forge

A competitive tactical family game with a unique 3D pop-up game board and magical illustrations.

  • 10+
  • 5-30
  • 1-99

M.A.R.I. on Mars

A solo-adventure multi-level programming game with the aim of leading MARI to the way out.

Detecteam Kids: Once Upon an Island

Lay the cards down one by one in a full picture, just like a jigsaw puzzle, and re-create the events...

Detecteam Kids: Max the Cat and Friends

Lay the cards down one by one in a full picture, just like a jigsaw puzzle, and re-create the events...

Unfold Kids: Lollipop Inc.

Find the villian and uncover his evil plan! New adventures of the superhero family.

Unfold: Victim of the Pyramid

Go on an adventure through the sacred pyramid! Will you be able to pass the trials from the Great Go...

Lotta Rome

Exchange territories with other players and anticipate their preferences to your advantage. Make the...

Detecteam Family: 3 in 1

Get all 3 Detecteam Family board games in one box.

Detecteam Family: Cheating Champions

Figure out who is the true winner of the forest race!

Time Capsules

Welcome to the new era of alien technologies with Time Capsules! Can you survive in this futuristic ...

Sly Wolf & The Missing Note

Theft at a music festival! Figure out who is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

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