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FateFlip: Washed Ashore

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  • Age: from 10 years
  • Playing Time: 35-35 min
  • Players: 1-99

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FateFlip: Washed Ashore - teaser

Year Published: 2024
“Thus fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than danger itself.” — Daniel Defoe

You come to your senses on a sandy beach. The sun is burning your back, the sea salt makes your skin itchy, you can barely move your tongue... You remember a huge wave washing you overboard, and you quickly lost sight of the ship. You are lucky to stay alive. But where are you? Is this place inhabited and do ships sail here? Will you ever return to your homeland? And will you be able to even survive?

FateFlip is a story that develops differently depending on your decisions, the consequences to which you will learn either right away or later on. Play the game several times and find out all 13 endings to this adventure!

Key features:

  • Multiple endings for each of 3 chapters guarantee players room a disire to replay to see the other possible outcomes
  • All depends on your choices - track your life parameters, collect special items, and see if you are able to make it to the next chapter
  • 3 chapters of reversable cards, each chapter has it's own setting - you can play them all at once or portion the experience
  • Play again to discover more items to get and see the story from a different perspective
  • A solo+ game: enjoy the game alone or unite and discuss your tactics with friends


68 large story cards, 3 clip markers, reminder leaflet


Series : FateFlip
Author : Johannes Krenner
Illustrator : Alena Naumova, Anastasia Durova

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