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Fit the Fishes

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  • Age: from 4 years
  • Playing Time: 15-30 min
  • Players: 2-4

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Fit the Fishes - teaser

Year Published: 2024

In Fit the Fishes the players will be populating their aquariums with fish by tracing cardboard stencils and completing various objectives, like feeding the fish and providing them shelter. In the end, each player is left with a drawing that can be brought to life with colored pencils!

The game develops visual perception, fine motor skills, as well as attentiveness, and presents a fun and stimulating activity for the children. How many fishes can YOU fit?

Key features:

  • The game presents a fun and stimulating activity for the children.
  • Develops visual perception, fine motor skills, as well as attentiveness.
  • Panchboards with no waste: players will need both panches and cardboard stencils.
  • 3 levels of complexity - open new aquariums and add more items.
  • A game AND a coloring book! After the game, children can color the playing board. 


•  1 wooden die,15 cardboard stencils, 12 tokens, 2 regular pencils, 4 colored pencils, 32 double-sided player sheets, game rules


Author : Alexander Peshkov, Ekaterina Pluzhnikova
Illustrator : Olga Surina
Box size: 19.5X19.5X4.5 cm
Weight: 466 gr


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