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Gem Forge

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  • Age: from 10 years
  • Playing Time: 20-40 min
  • Players: 2-4

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Gem Forge - English trailer (upd)

Year Published: 2023

In a distant corner of the world stands a mountain that is shrouded in myth and mystery. As legend has it, the mine that descends deep below the mountain has magical properties: no matter how many sacks of precious gemstones you procure from its tunnels, the mine will always be full to the brim with treasures. The best jewelers in the land decided to take advantage of this wondrous source to craft the most amazing jewelry pieces. They compete against each other to prove that they are worthy of the highest reward possible, the magic anvil.

Gem Forge is a versatile family game with a unique 3D pop-up game board and magical illustrations. Procure rare gemstones from the magical mine and store them in your gem box. Then, set exquisite jewelry pieces with the collected gem stones. Finally, receive victory points for finished pieces and jewelry sets!

*Special cards available in 2 options: with and without texts

Key features:

  • Impressive artwork reflecting the fantasy theme
  • Unique 3D game base which is constantly used in the playing process
  • Interaction between players is rainforced by the effects of special cards
  • The game boosts the players with the lower points by providing 'free' special cards during the game
  • A catchy accessible strategy game for families and friends



  • 1 3D pop-up game board, 40 gemstones, 4 minecarts, 4 player pawns, 36 jewelry tiles, 34 special cards, 4 reminder cards, game rules


Author : Alexei Safin, Valery Novikov
Illustrator : Oleg Proshin


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