We are a boardgames publishing and distribution studio.

About us


Red Cat Games is a brand-new Armenia-based game studio led by an international team of professionals and board game veterans who have developed a number of world-famous hits that won multiple prestigious awards, including Kinderspiel des Jahres. The studio has recieved a large and prosperous game heritage from its creators who are dedicated to presenting their new projects to the world!

At Red Cat Games, we strive to cherry-pick the best concepts and ideas to create the most engaging and unique games that help broaden the horizons and light up the spark of curiosity in gamers of all ages! Our unusual games are developed to gather families and friends around one table to share fun times together.

If you are a game designer and you’d like to show us your new project or if you would like to become our distributor, please feel free to e-mail us at games@redcat.am 

Postal address: Komitas av. 51/1-14, 0014 Yerevan, Armenia

Alexander Peshkov
Ekaterina Ryabova
Commercial Director

Sales Team

Christina Keerp
Head of International Sales
Olga Rozhdestvenskaya
Senior Sales Manager
Artem Baranov
Sales Manager
Elizaveta Karpova
International Sales Assistant

Editorial Team

Anastasia Durova
Head of the Editorial Departament
Maria Kravchenko
Polina Basalaeva
Anastasia Gubanova
Margarita Natashina
Tasia Filonova
Kristina Balakirova
Production manager
Alena Naumova

Marketing Team

Anna Rubtsova
Marketing Manager
Alexey Kashaev
Marketing Designer

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