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450 Things to Do in Your Life

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  • Age: from 18 years
  • Playing Time: 30-35 min
  • Players: 2-6

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444 Things To Do. English Trailer
450 Things to Do in Your Life - Board game Review

Year Published: 2017

450 Things to Do in Your Life is a voting game where players guess which activities their opponents would like to try and vote accordingly.

During the game the players will not only have fun but also learn a lot about each other, and, perhaps, they even learn something new about themselves. Finally you can actually think about all the fun and crazy things to do in your life, like: "Am I ready to shave my head? Or scuba dive, or kiss a frog?"

Find out how well you know each other in this quirky party game!

There are two design options available for the game. You may choose the one you prefer.

Key features:

  • Great play value: find out 450 things to do in your life! 
  • Intriguing, exciting and provoking. A whole range of emotions!
  • Clear and easy-to-grasp rules, intuitive gameplay.
  • A perfect game to get to know each other better and get the party started.


  • 75 double-sided challenge cards, 1 score track, 6 voting cards, 24 number cards (4 of each color), 12 crystals (2 of each color)


Author : Pavel Atamanchuk
Illustrator : Anna Medvedeva, Timur Baskakov
Box size: 12.8X17.8X4 cm
Weight: 302 gr


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