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  • Age: from 5 years
  • Playing Time: 15-20 min
  • Players: 2-5

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Animeter. English trailer
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Animeter - Game Review

Year Published: 2021

Winter is coming so it's high time for forest animals to store supplies! And what can be better than yummy mellow apples? If only they grew a little lower… Luckily, friends have each other to climb on each others' heads and make animal towers! Now they can reach every apple - if your eye-measuring skills are good enough!

Animeter is a cute and beautiful game which can be surprisingly challenging. Your goal is simple: gather as much apples as possible by reaching sectors with fruit on the tree with tops of your animal towers. Choose cards and put animals on each other's heads or start a new tower. But there is one thing which makes things much more interesting - during the game you can rely only on your eyes and maybe a bit of fortune!

Key features:

  • Develops eye-measuring and communicative skills.
  • Teaches to work effectively in a team.
  • Includes competitive and cooperative versions for both younger and more advanced players.
  • Contains unique components.


  • 3 double-sided tree-meters, 72 animal cards, 15 red and 35 yellow apple crystals, game rules


Author : Anthony Perone
Illustrator : Katerina Izobova
Box size: 11.1X18.6X4.5 cm
Weight: 275 gr

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