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Message in a Bottle

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  • Age: from 8 years
  • Playing Time: 10-15 min
  • Players: 2-6

Video review

Message in a Bottle - teaser

Year Published: 2024

A bottle with a letter inside was washed ashore by a giant wave. Challenge yourselves to decrypt its mysterious message!

Shake the bottle with the dice inside. Be first player to name a word with all the letters on the dice. Receive tokens for correct answers and win the game!

Key features:

  • Dice with conditions of different complexity
  • The game has 4 modes: Classic, Easy, Effects, Party - for the audience of all kind to keep the dynamic they prefer
  • The "no word" rule helps to get a point without coming up with any item, but be ready for a tense countdown!
  • Want more challenge? The effect die adds modifications to the game, just set it in the bottle
  • Great replayability value


•  The bottle, 4 dice with letters, 1 effect die, 45 crystals, rulebook


Author : Urtis ҆ulinskas
Illustrator : Natalya Efremova
Box size: 8X13X5.2 cm


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