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Detecteam Kids: Tales of the Plush Forest

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  • Age: from 6 years
  • Playing Time: 20-20 min
  • Players: 2-4

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Detecteam Kids: Tales of the Plush Forest - teaser

Year Published: 2024

In childhood, every day is filled with interesting events! Meet Christopher and his plush toy friends: Little Bear, Piglet, Rabbit and other animals. Together they always find a way how to have fun: they can invent a tale and bring it to life with all their unusual ideas. What should they do this time? Maybe arrange a costume ball, a tea party or go hunt for a bizarre beast? However, even the best plans can go awry… But Christopher and his friends are not afraid of any difficulties ― the unexpected circumstances make their games even more exciting!

Tales of the Plush Forest is a co-operative adventure for young detectives. Your goal is to piece together the full picture, just like a jigsaw puzzle, and re-create the events. Find out what actually happened in this stand-alone game from the Detecteam Kids range!

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Key features:

  • A great game to introduce detective games for kids, no reading skills are required to play!
  • Discover the story from different angles as you play, and decide if the information is useful to the investigation
  • Cute and illustrative graphics: all the deduction part is based on the artwork
  • The box contains 3 detective stories to unravel using the same deck of cards
  • Unusual game mechanics - pick out cards with the useful information and connect them into a complete picture, like a jigsaw puzzle


  • 29 large cards (3 starting cards, 24 forest cards, 2 cover cards), game rules



Series : Detecteam
Author : Alexander Peshkov, Ekaterina Pluzhnikova
Illustrator : Olga Surina
Box size: 9.6X12.3X2.1 cm
Weight: 105 gr


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