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Finding Nessie

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  • Age: from 6 years
  • Playing Time: 20-30 min
  • Players: 2-4

Video review

Finding Nessie - Board Game Review

Year Published: 2018

The lake of Loch Ness is shrouded with mystery: every self-respecting monster connoisseur must attempt to capture the image of the famous Loch Ness Monster. But Nessie, turns out, is a bit camera-shy, so getting a picture is not just a matter of pushing a button on your camera. In this game, each player takes on a role of a diver exploring the lake. During their turn, they get a chance at peeking through the muddy waters. But things aren’t always what they seem: was that a tail or just a trick of the eye? Or might it be the rare lucky fish? Be the first to piece the photograph together and make the discovery of the century! 

Key features:

  • Captivating theme: search for mysterious and charming Loch Ness Monster.
  • Fun and fidgety multilevel game board.
  • Additional rules for experienced players.
  • Interactive playing process: look through peekholes, push tokens, shake the box.


  • 1 lake bed, 1 lake surface with 17 windows, 17 lake lids with diver peekholes, 68 round double-sided tokens, 4 players' boards, 24 square double-sided tokens (6 of each color), 4 divers of different colors, game rules


Author : Bernhard Weber, Jens-Peter Schliemann
Illustrator : Sergey Kardakov
Box size: 29.7X29.7X7 cm
Weight: 1084 gr


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