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Unfold Kids: Mission Cookies

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  • Age: from 8 years
  • Playing Time: 45-60 min
  • Players: 1-4

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Unfold Kids: Mission Cookies - teaser (updated)
Unfold Series - teaser (updated)

Year Published: 2020

You are not an ordinary child because you have superpowers, and your parents are secret agents. You have longed for them to take you on a real assignment. To prove that you are old enough for an undercover mission, you are going to find the most secret room in your superhero house. And Elp — your Electronic home assistant — is always ready to help you out with a hint or put you on the right track.

Kid’s Quest. Mission ‘Cookies’ is an exciting tabletop quest designed specifically for children. Open new locations, solve unique puzzles and complete your mission, relying not only on your smarts but on your senses as well. Learn more about the character's family and watch the story unfold as you play.

This is a tabletop quest in the form of two fold-out envelopes. The players are not allowed to unfold them immediately. Read the story page by page until you come across a puzzle. Use logic, good reasoning and sometimes your senses to solve each puzzle. If you are stuck, you can always look up a hint or solution with a short explanation of the puzzle. Do not open new pages unless you are instructed to do so. Usually, you'll need to solve a puzzle in order to turn over a page. As soon as you reach the page stating "To be continued..." or "The End", you have successfully finished the game!

Get more info about the series and find hints and solutions for the Unfold games: https://redcat.am/unfold/ 

Key features:

  • An escape room game designed specifically for children: discover all secrets of the superhero house!
  • A story-driven tabletop adventure: watch the story unfold as you play!
  • Cooperative gameplay: play solo or as a team!
  • Original puzzles that incorporate multiples senses such as touch, sight and smell.


  • 2 mysterious envelopes, which contain multiple locations and everything you need for the game, game rules included


Series : Unfold
Author : Alexander Peshkov, Ekaterina Pluzhnikova, Martin Nedergaard Andersen
Illustrator : Anna Nenasheva, Ekaterina Chirkova, Nadezhda Mikhailova, Victoria Volina-Lukian
Box size: 20.9X20.5X4.5 cm
Weight: 220 gr


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