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Mind Match 1 & 2

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  • Age: from 8 years
  • Playing Time: 5-5 min
  • Players: 2-6

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Mind Match - English trailer

Year Published: 2024

Are you having a party and looking for a fast, fun and clever cooperative game? Play Mind Match to test how well your mind matches with the minds of your friends! Within 5 minutes, solve the puzzles together using surprising and amusing means of communication. Three different mini-games test your communicative skills and intellectual bonding whilst you’re having a good time!

Mind Match is a collection of dynamic cooperative games with many puzzles you need to solve together before the time runs out. Each puzzle consists of 2 types cards ― each card stands for a part of the puzzle: a Question and an Answer. You have to find a player with the other half of your puzzle and solve it together! The more pairs of cards you match before time runs out, the more victory points you receive. Are you ready to make a mind match?

In Mind Match-1 you’ll find 3 mini-games with puzzles: Icons, Emojis, and Pattern Lock
Mind Match-2 includes other 3 mini-games: Labyrinth, Polyomino, and Vehicles.

You can combine Mind Match-1 and Mind Match-2 to have more puzzles and fun!

*It is possible to get 2-in-1 big hard box.

Key features:

  • A set of mini-games within the game: creative puzzles limit players communication in various ways, which brings more fun
  • Unique illustrations make people in their middle ages feel nostalgia for the first computer games, and also are appealing to the young ones
  • Try both competitive and cooperative modes
  • A perfect ice-breaker for any party!
  • Convenient box size: take the game with you wherever you go!


  • Mind Match-1: 48 cards (Icons x16 cards, Emojis x16 cards, Pattern Lock x16 cards), rules
  • Mind Match-2: 48 cards (Labyrinth x16 cards, Polyomino x16 cards, Vehicles x16 cards), rules


Series : Mind Match
Author : Alexander Peshkov
Illustrator : Agnieszka Mazur, Diana Shamsutdinova, Nadezhda Fomicheva
Box size: 6.6X11X1.8 cm

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