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Sly Wolf & The Missing Note

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  • Age: from 7 years
  • Playing Time: 20-30 min
  • Players: 2-4

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Sly Wolf &The Missing Note B2B Presentation
Sly Wolf & the Missing Note

Year Published: 2022

Famous musical contests are all about talent and skills, no cheating! Sadly, not all do agree with it. The prestigious prize was stolen but thankfully there are we, the team of detectives who will restore what happened and find the sly wolf.

Sly Wolf is an exciting detective game in which your goal is to find out who stole the main prize from a prestigious musical contest. You'll have to interview witnesses (sometimes some crucial information may need a bit of bribe), sort out suspects and this all while the jury members are on their way to the railway station! Reconstrust the course of events and realize who was that sly wolf behind a mischievous scheme!

Key features:

  • Interactive mechanics with Bubble translator.
  • A bit of randomness makes game even more exciting to play.
  • Logic and observation are the key to success!
  • Most of components are language independent.


  • 16 sheep tiles, 16 wolf cards, 24 easy case cards, 16 hard case cards, 32 musical instrument tokens, 36 vegetable tokens, 1 vegetable bag, 1 Booble interpreter, 1 wolf's track, 1 wolf figurine


Author : Alexander Peshkov, Ekaterina Pluzhnikova
Illustrator : Ekaterina Izobova
Box size: 24X24X6 cm
Weight: 573 gr


  • 2022 — Golden Bear national award, "Best toys and games" category winner
  • 2023 — Imagination Gaming Award, category of best Cross Curricular game - shortlisted
  • 2023 — Geek Media Kids Game of the Year - Nominee


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