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  • Age: from 5 years
  • Playing Time: 15-20 min
  • Players: 2-6

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Storytailors. English Trailer
Storytailors - Board Game Review
Storytailors: New adventures await! - Board Game Review

Year Published: 2019

Storytalors is a family game that makes you using your wit and imagination to tailor the stories to your taste and fit them out with the most suitable characters!

 “Once upon a time, when adults were small children and loved adventure stories, Wilfried and Marie found a magic story book. The kids could visit its different stories and soon befriended its funny animal characters…”

The characters who can take on any role – a brave knight or a sad musician, a mischievous witch or a clumsy ninja… A well-loved story will be forever entertaining if the characters constantly changed and yesterday’s evil guard could become today’s dandy steersman. Because it’s up to you to decide who will play every role in your story!

Key features:

  • A unique game board in the form of a book
  • A reinvention of bedtime stories and bonding time with your kids
  • An infinitely replayable game with stories that can surprise you even after multiple readings.
  • The first edition in France sold out in 2 weeks.


  • Book with transparent pockets, 55 double-sided cards with tales, 110 character cards, 1 voting and counting board,  6 player tokens of different colors, 36 voting chips (6 sets with 6 different symbols)


Series : Storytailors
Author : Marie Fort, Wilfried Fort
Illustrator : Eugenia Smolenceva
Box size: 24X24X6 cm
Weight: 800 gr


  • 2020 — Winner Children’s Game of the Year by Groupement des Boutiques Ludiques
  • 2020 — Malacitano Children's Game Award Finalist (Spain)
  • 2020 — Tric Trac Best Children's Game Nominee
  • 2021 — Kinderspiel des Jahres Nominee
  • 2021 — Spiele-Hit für Kinder
  • 2021 — Graf Ludo Spielgrafik des Jahre Winner
  • 2021 — Imagination Gaming Family and Education Game Awards' Best Literacy Game 2021 Shortlisted
  • 2021 — Golden Bear national award, 2nd place in the nomination "Best toys and games"
  • 2021 — Gra Roku Children's Game of the Year Nominee


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