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Time Capsules

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  • Age: from 12 years
  • Playing Time: 60-90 min
  • Players: 1-4

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Time Capsules - In Focus
Time Capsules
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Year Published: 2022

In the distant future greed rules the world. Several mega-corporations fight each other for supremacy and wealth. And you are one of the participants in this race. Gain the lost artifacts and technologies from the past using the power of time capsules, that were found on a planet abandoned by an ancient civilization. But beware – greed may lead you to tear the very fabric of space-time, putting in danger yourself and, possibly, all humanity.

Time Capsules is a pool-building game where you can use different objects and resources to devise your strategy. Amass victory points for the knowledge you receive and the artifacts you bring to the present in order to win this amazing race!

* Visit the game's web-page and discover the alternative rules: https://www.redcat.am/promopages/time-capsules_bonus/ 

Key features:

  • Futuristic artwork and eye-catching design. 
  • A well-integrated time travel theme.
  • Based around a pool-building mechanic with actual plastic spheres, which are used to create powerful combinations of different items.
  • Exciting components: textured time capsules, futuristic alien artifacts, computers and bioobjects and so much more!


  • 16 time capsules, 4 bags, 120 tiles, 37 cards, 26 dice, 180 tokens, 40 crystals, 4 pawns, Round marker, VP track, 4 player mats, game rules


Author : Yaroslav Kustov
Illustrator : Maxim Suleimanov, Roman Kelip, Stijn Windig
Box size: 31X31X10.5 cm
Weight: 2600 gr


  • 2022 — GAMA Origins Award - 3D Art, Nominee

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