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Unfold: The Victim of the Pyramid

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  • Age: from 12 years
  • Playing Time: 45-60 min
  • Players: 1-4

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Unfold: Victim of the Pyramid. English Trailer

Year Published: 2023

For many nights you have been praying at the temple of the great Aztec god Camaxtli, asking for his help: "I beg you to save my beloved Oxiteca from Itzli's sacrificial knife!". You have nobody to turn to but the gods: you are nothing but an orphan with no way to stop the sacrificial ceremony... Camaxtli decides to answer your prayers and offers you guidance, however it's only up to you to save Oxiteca from the grasp of death! You must venture into the pyramid and take your destiny in your own hands.

Victim of the Pyramid is a new game in the Unfold series. It is a thrilling cooperative adventure that fits in a small envelope. Explore new locations and solve original puzzles relying only on your wits!


  • 1 mysterious envelope, which contains multiple locations and everything you need for the game, game rules included


Series : Unfold
Author : Alexander Peshkov, Ekaterina Pluzhnikova
Illustrator : Dmitry Derzhavin, Ksenia Eserkepova, Ludvik Skopalik, Nadezhda Mikhailova
Box size: 16X15X1.5 cm
Weight: 102 gr


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