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M.A.R.I. is on Numerama's list of the best solo games!

Date: 27.12.2022

M.A.R.I. and the Crazy Factory appeared on Numerama, a popular multimedia French information site, as one of the most intriguing single-player games to entertain you.
The article by Sébastien Goetz highlights 5 board games that you can play alone when you're already bored with traditional single-player activities like Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

"If you like logic games and brainteasers, MARI should suit you," says the author. And we couldn't agree more! The game is a great puzzle game that can be played alone or you can compete in cleverness with friends.

Read the article: https://www.numerama.com/pop-culture/967185-jeux-solo.html 
More about MARI: http://redcat.am/games/mari/ 

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